Social Media Advertising Pricing

Social Media Pricing –
Why Choose Emultify

You can choose Emultify for our optimized pricing policy, on-time service, and the best customer support at every stage of social media ads.

SMO PackagesStartup
USD 350/Month
USD 550/Month
USD 1050/Month
ChannelAny 2 Channel OptimizationAny 3 Channel OptimizationAny 5 Channel Optimization


Identify Business Goals
Account ManagementAny 2 PlatformsAny 3 PlatformsAny 5 Platforms
Analyze Your Audiences
Create Social Media Calendar
Create a Content Strategy
Identify Hashtags
Social Trending
Facebook Promotion
Profile Optimization
Creative Image81015
FB Timeline Status Posting152040
Post Sharing in Groups5710
Cover Image Creative and Upload112
Group Creation12
Targeted Page Likes8 to 10%**10% to 12%**13%+**
Video Sharing(provided by client)
Call To Action ButtonOne TimeOne TimeOne Time
Facebook Review Postings
Polls Creation & Management
Facebook Insight Monitoring
Deleting of unwanted spam
Traffic Monitoring Through Google Analytics
Sponsored Ads (Additional Cost)
Twitter Promotion
Profile Optimization
Tweets Posting102040
Targeted Twitter Followers Increase
Background Image Creative and Upload112
Cover Photo Creative and Upload112
Lists Creation
Sponsored Tweets(Additional Cost)
#hashtag Trend Research
Twitter Analytics Monitoring
Instagram Promotion
Profile Optimization
Instagram Image Sharing152030
Targeted Instagram Followers Increase
#hashtag Trend Research
Comments & Likes Management [Engagement strategy]
Image Tagging to Friends/Followers [Increase Reach]
Instagram Analytics Monitoring
Linkedin Promotion
Profile Optimization
Linkedin Post Sharing152040
Targeted Linkedin Connection
Company Page CreationOne TimeOne TimeOne Time
Company Page Follower Increase
Company page creative banner112
Profile Connection Build up
Relevant Group Joining12
Post Sharing in Groups1520
Linkedin Performance Review
Linkedin Pulse Posting12
YouTube Promotion
Youtube Channel Optimization
Channel Creative Upload
Video Uploads(provided by client)51015
Video Promotion102030
Video Title & Meta Optimization
Thumbnail Creative for Videos
Youtube Subscribers
Youtube Discussion Posting102030
Youtube Video Views
Comment Moderation
Pinterest Promotion
Profile Optimization
Board Creation5810
Pins Posted152040
Website Verification
Business Account
Customer Support
Email, Chat, Phone
Project Management Tool Tracking

Traffic &
Social Media Advertising

At Emultify you can find the best social media advertising services with our dedicated team, technology, and infrastructure. We have created two distinct channels for optimizing your ad campaigns with an aim to simplify, streamline and make them customized according to your budget plans. We can provide the complete gambit of services from business goal identification to the comprehensive social media promotion ads campaigns.

Why Real Estate Marketing for Social Media Advertising

A few reasons our clients love our social media advertising costs.

Social Media Pricing –
What We Offer



At Emultify, our first goal is to identify your potential target audiences on the social media channels. We can categorize them based on parameters like age, gender, profession, buying pattern, etc. It helps in streamlining the specific social media ads to the right audiences.
Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis

Analyzing your audiences for their buying potential and trends on every social media platform is our specialty. We can create a detailed reporting of the analyzed data in chronological order. Our reports whelp you to prioritize your follow up sequence based on the most and least potential possibilities of conversions.


At Emultify, we have designed and developed customized strategies for the individual real estate agencies like yours. We can start from the primary task of audience communication to the stage of follow up and conversions. Our approach to social media advertising is unique and result oriented. We try to understand the specific needs of your target audience groups before designing the ads. It helps in attracting a large number of audiences from each group. The possibility of conversions also increases when the audience groups are within the manageable size. It also creates more space for the One-to-One interaction with the audiences during the follow-up procedures.


Phenomenal initiation to your real estate ads is the hallmark of Emultify. We ensure all your target audiences receive our ads on their individual devices simultaneously. We can conduct social media ads in the forms of text, image and text, video, and graphical animations.


We ensure the audiences give positive feedback after viewing and reading through our social media ads for your real estate business. We get access to their contact details like email, phone or the social media connection.


At Emultify, we create a comprehensive email listing of the audiences who have watched our social media campaigns. Then we start our follow up procedures through email if you want us to do it. We can generate a status report at every stage according to your specific needs.