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ORM is a meticulous process of building, sustaining and growing your real estate agency’s online reputation. At Emultify, we have standardized procedures for strategy planning, designing, developing and implementing the system through a step-wise approach. At every stage, we assess the resources, evaluate the possibilities, and implement the services for your specific needs.

We have a vast range of ORM packages, starting from the basic and extending up to the Gold. You may choose any of them depending on your specific need for ORM and budget. Our aim is to guide you from the initial stage of creating market visibility to that of accelerating your business growth in the competitive real estate world.

ORM Packages BasicBronzeSilverGold
Phrases Targeted1235

Initial Review & Analysis

In-Depth ORM Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Baseline Ranking Check
Content Marketing Per Month
Blog Writing2345
Article Writing1235
Classified Writing 1234
PDF Creation112
Press Release Writing1 in 3 Months1 in 3 Months
Guest Blog Writing1 in 3 Months
Detail Plan
Search Positions ProtectedPage 1Page 1-2Page 1-3Page 1-4
Search Positions Monitored 1 to 101 to 201 to 301 to 40
Blog Set-up
Social Bookmarking15202530
Blog Posting2345
Blog Promotion10152025
Article Submission2345
Article Promotion5101520
Company Profile Creation 35710
Business Listing
PDF Submission123
PDF Promotion51015
Press Release Submission1 in respective Month2 in respective Month
Press Release Promotion5 in respective Month10 in respective Month
Guest Blog Submission 1 in respective Month
Video Promotions*
Image Promotion*
Customer Reviews/Ratings 1234
Development of Micro Sites1234
Forum Posting
Q&A Posting
Social Media Profile Creation2468
Article & Blog Distribution/Sharing
Positive Profile Promotion
Micro Blogging
Social Media Sharing (per month)
Facebook Account Setup (One Time Activity)
Twitter Account Setup (One Time Activity)
Pinterest Account Creation (One Time Activity)
Facebook Cover Image (One Time Activity)
Custom Twitter Background (One Time Activity)
Facebook Wall Updates
Twitter Updates
Pin Images
Monthly Reporting
ORM Report
Customer Support
Email, Chat, Phone
Project Management Tool Tracking

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Targeted Advertising. Effective Advertising.

Drive qualified traffic to your website and more sales today.

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We handle the ad management.

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ORM Pricing –
Our Approach

Initial Steps

Initial Steps

Our approach at Emultify starts from marking the target audiences in your chosen marketing zone. We can perform a comprehensive target analysis and filter the most potential target audiences. Categorization based on demographic, time-frame, and other parameters helps us to the device the most effective strategies that generate results rapidly.
Target Interaction

Target Interaction

At Emultify, our next step is to communicate with the target audiences. For this, we use content marketing, social media sharing, and one-to-one interaction with the target audiences. These procedures help in creating a communication channel between your real estate business and the target audiences.


It is the most critical step, in which we create awareness among the target audiences about your organization, infrastructure, team, resources, and service architecture. By relating them with the specific needs of your customers, we start building the trust factors into your business. We aim at accelerating the process according to your specific time-plan and conversion ratio that your real estate business needs.


At Emultify, we have a specific time-plan for converting the target audiences into potential leads and subsequently into a successful business. Profile creation and promotion, content posting, blogging, and social media postings keep your audiences informed about your services, quality, commitment, and the related attributes that are useful to them. We create a detailed time-plan for conversions to happen naturally through our follow up marketing procedures.
ORM –Pricing

ORM –Pricing

Once we set the process rolling, you can experience the results through an increased rate of conversion, enhanced web-traffic, more positive testimonials, and overall improvement in the ROI. Progressive growth in profits is a key benefit you get from the efficient Online Reputation Management of Emultify for which you will find our ORM Pricing worth the investment.

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