Is Pay-Per-Click Worth It For Your Real Estate Business

Is Pay-Per-Click Worth It For Your Real Estate Business?

If you’re not using digital marketing in your marketing campaigns, then you’re doing it all wrong! There are many ways of online marketing to help generate traffic for your sites. PPC, pay-per-click is one of the internet marketing models where the advertisers pay the publisher once the ad is clicked. The practice is associated with first-tier search engine results.

Pay-per-click marketing in real estate business targets users who are searching for digital information on buying and selling a property. Your PPC ads will only display when the potential client’s types in your chosen keywords into Google.

With PPC, you’re the boss as you control how much you spend and can localize the ads. If you’re in the real estate business, pay-per-click can mean a big boost to all your online traffic. If you know what you’re doing, then pay per click will be a no waste of money.


With all that said, there are pillars to focus on real estate PPC for a successful campaign.

1. The Search Strategy

Any successful real estate PPC campaign will always start with you getting to know your market. Understand the areas you want to target, types and designs of homes you want to sell, kind of buyers you need and sellers you want to work with.

Use this information to lay the bases of your keyword research. If you offer services in a major metropolitan, break down the campaigns into their suburbs.

The approach might not look fancy, but it works. You can group your ads in single or long-tail keywords depending on your choice.

2. Platform Used and Lead Capture

Getting traffic is important, but what’s the need if you’re not getting any leads? In the real estate world, you need to make sales and defining conversions in a PPC campaign is pretty critical. You don’t expect to start running a PPC campaign and start selling homes on the next day.

In whatever you do, you need to capture leads, give them a follow-up and keep the consistent lead flow to achieve long-term success. The most effective way to win a visitor who has viewed some home listing is by creating a popup which asks the user for an email address before he continues viewing the listings.

3. The Follow Through

One big question I know you are asking yourself is how do you follow-up on the leads in a way that doesn’t overburden the visitors, but you’re still proactive and find results?

Before paying for leads through Ad words, you need a good system to follow up on your leads. Know the areas you want to target, type of sellers, buyers and people you want to work with. To fully achieve this, use email marketing campaigns that push for an appointment with a seller or a buyer.

If you’re in the real estate world and know how to go along with your deals, then PPC is one great way of increasing your opportunity online.

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