Social Media Marketing Helps Real Estate Business

How Social Media Marketing Helps Your Real Estate Business

Many homebuyers go online to search for their dream homes, but what makes social media marketing and real estate such a solid pair? A study was done and discovered that 90% of millennial use various social sites to search for their dream homes.


Real estate market has been ranked among the top annoying industries on social media with many agents not replying to incoming messages signing failure to all potential clients. However, there are many tricks to using social media as a driver for traffic, engagement, and reliability.


Here are ways on how to use different social media platforms for all your real estate’s marketing needs.


Facebook Integration


Facebook is a social media platform where people connect with friends, family and larger world online. Many realtors want ways on how they can connect with family members and friends of the clients.


As a real estate agent, how can you tap into the market using this social media platform?


First things first, you need to set up a Facebook business page for all your real estate services. This brings professionalism to the table. Once the page is up and running use it to share content and engage with your clients.

  • Post about your neighborhood. This markets your surroundings and shows passion and knowledge of where you’re selling homes.
  • Use images to update your content. Images tend to be more engaging on Facebook and with more shares, likes, and comments; there will be more news feeds.
  • Show care to your clients and engage with contests. These provide a fantastic way of creating engagement on your page. You can use the Facebook Contest App to run the sweepstakes and contests.
  • Post your listing. Social media applies the 80/20 rule where 80% of your content is about customer interests, lifestyle and business updates while 20% of your content is about your product.




Twitter is another excellent way of connecting with your clients. The platform gives you 140 characters or less to provide updates to your followers, engage with them and grow your relationship.


Twitter is more like Facebook; however, hashtags work well on this social site. Ask questions to your followers and encourage them to give a response. For example, ask:- What’s the best deal for your new home? #realestate #newhome #realestateagents. These hashtags help your followers see your content.


Intense your twitter account with real estate listings including information about your place, apartments you own and how to access them.




Pinterest is the platform that helps you showcase off all your visual listings. The site allows you to connect through images. If you want your listings to be sold through visual emotions, this is the best platform to use. In Pinterest, you just set up boards, pin your design images, and engage by liking, commenting and repining.


Other Sites


LinkedIn – Set up your business page and fill your personal LinkedIn page with a good summary introducing yourself. Join local groups to keep connected with your clients.


YouTube – Make videos showcasing your listing, best features about your neighborhood and what some of your clients had to say.


Blog – Blogs are a great way to write about real estate knowledge and growing your website.


How could you forget Instagram? You know about it, images and double tap!


Social media techniques and tips will help in implementing a valid real estate digital marketing strategy. The most important thing to remember about social media is that you have to keep your clients engaged.

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